“Happiness is a choice,” says Veroniek. In part 2, Veroniek Vermeulen, Founder of Silatha, a meditation app for women, says one should enjoy every moment in life.

According to her, practices such as meditation, journaling, and being in a community can help women feel confident and comfortable with themselves and their power. Veroniek believes that women will always have different identities at different stages of their life.

To her, worrying too much can be a source of suffering in life. In her journey, Neurologist Viktor Frankl has been an inspiration, especially in his theory where he says ‘between stimulus and response, there is a space.’ She acknowledges the power to choose a response.

She discusses:

* Practice that can help women
* Expectations from women
* Gender biases in society
* Worries and pain in life
* Enjoying every moment
* Neurologist Viktor Frankl
* Great resignation
* Positivity in pandemic

Join Ramon Vela and Veroniek Vermeulen as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Silatha, visit: https://silatha.com/ 

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