In this second part of this Feature, Ed Tattersall, Marketing Lead for North America for the Woolroom, the world’s premium wool bedding manufacturer, talks about the five key benefits of using wool.

Ed explains how wool is the ultimate sleep solution for most of their customers. For people who are serious about improving their sleep and don’t mind paying for it, wool is the way to go.

Woolroom has a number of different products for different customers’ needs. Ed goes into details surrounding the items they offer and the reasoning behind each item. For them, the focus is to introduce the power of wool to everyone.

Ed and the team at the Woolroom use customer feedback to better define their brand.

In part 2, we learn about the different products they offer, the five key benefits of using wool, and the ability to improve your sleep by using wool.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Ed in this episode and listen to him share the inside story of a brand.

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