Kyle says, “Founders have a superpower. There’s a reason they’ve gotten a brand to a certain size. Usually, that superpower has to do with product and product creation. Unfortunately, a lot of the CEOs and founders end up getting caught up in a lot of things that they’re not good at. It’s not their background, it’s not their experience. And so if they’re unable to invest the capital to buy a genuine expert in that area of business, let’s say in wholesale, then they’re really left exposed. They may get the orders because they’re great salespeople. But when you get that order, then you gotta place the product, then it’s gotta sell through. There’s a lot to deal with.”

Today, we interview Kyle Widrick, Founder & CEO of Win Brands Group. Win is a modern holding company that specializes in buying and building brands that matter.

We discuss:

* What he’s grateful for
* Overview of Win Brands Group
* A look back to 2022 and COVID
* What brands have been through in the last few years
* A forecast of the 2023 environment for brands
* His focus on 2023 and why profit is the ultimate leverage
* The 3Ps of of wholesale and being successful in retail
* The opportunities in 2023
* A review of their portfolio including Qalo, Gravity, Love Your Mellon
* The Win Brands Group criteria for acquiring a consumer brand
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Kyle Widrick as we break down the inside story of Win Brands Group on The Story of a Brand.

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