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Working for the Tory Birch Founder’s Family Office gave Kyle Widrick,  an education in growing a business with other people’s money but it wasn’t until he joined Dylan Whitman, that he went all in both personally and financially. Today as the CEO & Founder of WIN Brands Group, he takes these past experiences and is investing and building a winning portfolio of brands.
In Part 1 of this entrepreneur feature, Kyle discusses Why working in a Family Office gives you a well rounded education, Why his bet on Shopify paid off and why it could have been bad, Why a lot of success is timing, taking a calculated risk, and having conviction, Why he chose not to raise capital for his business BVAccel and Why it would have been different had they done so, The process of selling a company, Why scaling past one hundred employees brings unique anxiety, and Why being profitable is the ultimate leverage, and much more.
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Kyle in Part 1 of this episode and listen to him share the inside story of a brand.
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