“The most sustainable thing that you own will be the thing that you already have,” tells Mia Jestina, Founder of Wellthy. In the second half of this Feature, she continues with advice to new entrepreneurs.

Mia says that the secret sauce is that only “you” as only you can make your business successful. Then mentions the kind of jewelry and designs available at Wellthy.

She wants Wellthy products to be worn in a variety of ways because she believes that getting the most out of products is part of sustainability. She does share that it’s hard to be fully conflict-free.

Making sustainable fashion much more approachable and affordable is her purpose.

In this episode, Mia tells us:

* Her advice for new entrepreneurs
* Wellthy jewelry and the metals used
* Hero products from Wellthy
* Sustainability is a Buzzword
* Conflict free components
* The Philosophy of slow fashion

Join Ramon Vela and Mia Caine as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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