“Even in our darkest moments, beautiful things can happen,” says Mia Jestina, Founder of Wellthy, a brand that makes sustainable jewelry from recycled metals.

In December 2019, Mia had a car accident that required her to undergo two surgeries. Despite her spinal injury and the challenges of the pandemic, she launched her brand. It turns out that her accident brought painful changes in her life. But it also gave her a new focus and led to her a greater sense of self-realization.

Mia says that it may be scary to step out of your comfort zone. So, one needs a strategy to refrain from negative thoughts. She advises entrepreneurs to understand current as well as upcoming landscapes. A growth mindset and business positioning are necessary.

She talks about:

* Why she is grateful to her husband
* Overview of the brand
* Her spinal injury and pandemic timeline
* Experience with painful changes
* Her New focus
* How a negative loop becomes addicting
* Advice for new entrepreneurs

Join Ramon Vela and Mia Caine as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Wellthy, visit: https://shopwellthy.co/

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