The customer experience is paramount to long-term success, says Tyler Kupper, chief revenue officer, and partner of Weatherman Umbrella. That’s especially true with high-profile partnerships that have global TV exposure.

“The worst thing in the world is you’re on global TV using a Weatherman, and it flips backward,” Tyler says. “That doesn’t look good for anyone.”

Among the brand’s partners are the U.S. Ryder Cup team, the President’s Cup team, and the Olympic team.

“When the best players in the world are using our products, they have to hold up,” he says. “It’s been the partnerships for us have been an absolute game-changer. It validates who we are; it validates our product, our team, and everything we stand for.”

The Weatherman protects not only from rain but also from the sun. The brand’s golf umbrellas offer UPF 50-plus protection.

One piece of advice Tyler offers to fellow entrepreneurs: is the value of samples. In a day when cold e-mails fill inboxes, a nice package with a handwritten note sets a better tone.

“If you’re selling a physical product, send the product out with a handwritten note, and you’re going to see crazy success,” he says.

In Part 2, Tyler talks about:

* The importance of the customer experience.
* The value of corporate partnerships and a rundown of some of the biggest names they’re working with.
* An upcoming deal with a Formula One racing team.
* The power of offering samples.
* A discussion of the brand’s various products.
* A design intended for Mother’s Day products.

Join Ramon Vela and Tyler Kupper as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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