WashBar‘s product is a soap bar, says Louise Knight, owner of the New Zealand-based brand that produces all-natural skin and coat care products for pets.

Unlike liquid dog shampoos, WashBar isn’t poured onto a dog’s coat – it’s used with water to create a lather. It’s also easier to hold so a pet parent can clean all the hard-to-reach areas on a dog.

“It’s just a generally more enjoyable experience for everybody,” says Louise. “That’s something that we were interested in, making people’s lives a little bit easier so they can get on and get out and enjoy their walks with the dog and throw the stick or throw the ball or whatever it is the dog’s into.”

To that end, all the ingredients used in WashBar are safe, non-toxic, and human-grade. The brand’s relatively new website takes the time to explain the soap’s components. It also features blogs that answer common questions from pet parents.

Future plans include the development of a gentle wash bar, which is intended for use on younger dogs and puppies.

Something not in her plans: returning to the corporate world.

“Sometimes you look at other people, and you think they’ve got it all or everything’s all the boxes are checked, and everything appears perfect,” she says. “Nothing is perfect … we’ve all got our challenges. But if you dive into the bits (and) pieces of your life that you’re good at … there are a lot of benefits. You’ll get a lot of love.”

In Part 2, Louise talks about:

* How the bar of soap is designed mainly for dogs.
* Why the customer base is so strong in New Zealand and her desire to grow a similar community in the United States.
* Taking a tour through the website, which is relatively new.
* The brand’s various products, including a beeswax-based balm.
* Advice for others on the entrepreneurship journey.

Join Ramon Vela and Louise Knight as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on WashBar, visit: https://washbar.com/

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