The ultimate endpoint for WashBar is a great relationship between a dog and a pet parent, says Louise Knight, owner of the New Zealand-based brand that produces all-natural skin and coat care products for pets.

That endpoint didn’t come without an unusual journey, Louise says. Her career began as a consumer goods marketer before taking time off to raise her children. She and her husband planned to start this business venture together, but he got another full-time opportunity just days before they took over the brand.

“I liken it to standing on a clifftop and wondering whether you jump off … is the parachute going to open?” says Louise. “How’s it going to end? You don’t know until you take the risk and you jump.”

One of the ways she minimized the initial risks was by outsourcing specific tasks to experts.

“I think that’s probably been my biggest learning,” she says. “My first year of the business, I tried to do everything myself – (it) didn’t work.”

The product itself has “no nasties,” as Louise calls them. That means no fragrances, no sulfates, no parabens. Instead, WashBar uses some unique ingredients native to New Zealand to help ease itchiness.

“The very best part of my day is talking to people who have a problem with their dog’s skin and wondering how to fix it,” she says. “Every story is different (but) they just want one thing. They want the dogs to be comfortable, and they want them to be able to get out and enjoy life and have their daily adventures.”

In Part 1, Louise talks about:

* Gratitude for her husband’s support and encouragement.
* The unlikely journey she took to becoming the brand’s owner.
* How she feels energized talking about her business.
* Why she outsourced many of the business’s aspects at the start.
* How she equates her skincare regime with her dog’s care.
* The fun of talking up New Zealand and its products to pet parents worldwide.

Join Ramon Vela and Louise Knight as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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