Miryha says, “there are a lot of brands that have entered the market and have been founded by marketers instead of product designers or innovators. They identify a consumer pain point and decide they are going to enter the market and solve that problem.”

She continues, “but in reality, all they have is a great marketing angle and a product that ultimately doesn’t deliver. It’s attributed to them not having the infrastructure and the design team and the quality teams, et cetera, et cetera, who know how to make that type of product. At Wacoal, we own the entire process.”

Today we interview Miryha Fantegrossi, SVP of Merchandising and Design for Wacoal America. Wacoal is a premium bra brand that believes that wearing the right bra can change a woman’s look and her outlook. Fit, quality, comfort and craftsmanship are what we know them for.

We have a lively discussion about the origins of Wacoal, why she loves the industry, the design process at Wacoal, and how they are partnering with Susan G. Komen® for a Fit for the Cure where they already donated millions for a breast cancer cure. Please visit their site for more info on how you can help with the cure for breast cancer.

Topics include:

* Miryha’s gratefulness for her first internship and for her current role at Wacoal
* Why she loves the industry
* The Wacoal Origin story
* The secret to the Wacoal longevity
* How their fit consultants work with retail sales people
* Why having their own manufacturing is a competitive advantage
* The Wacoal “Aha Moment”
* The Wacoal design process breakdown and why their designers are both creative and technical
* The Size & Shape equation and why it is so crucial to success
* How they make products that will last
* Where to begin on the Wacoal journey
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Miryha Fantegrossi as we break down the inside story of Wacoal America on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Wacoal, visit: https://www.wacoal-america.com/

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