In the first half of this Feature, we have Dr. Arielle Levitan and Dr. Romy Block, Co-Founders of Vous Vitamin. This brand creates personalized daily multivitamins for your individual needs.

Arielle specializes in internal medicine, while Romy’s specialty is Endocrine and Metabolism. It all started when they noticed how confusing the world of multivitamins was to consumers.

So Arielle and Romy stepped in and came up with a 7-minute online survey on a diet, lifestyle, and health concern that, when completed, provided consumers with personalized vitamins delivered directly to their door.

In the first half, we talked about:

* Gratefulness towards everyone who supported them
* Overview of the brand
* Coming up with the idea
* Bringing Health & Wellness together with needed solutions
* The personalized trend in Health & Wellness
* How pandemic accelerated their growth

Join Ramon Vela and Dr. Arielle Levitan, and Dr. Romy Block as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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