Tuan compares their brand to hospitality. He says, “hospitality, at its best, provides a culinary and guest experience that just captures the imagination of the guest. It becomes memorable. You broaden their palette, and you really inspire them to know more. And suddenly they ask questions. Where did this flavor come from? What culture? Where did you source this? What farm? That really goes to what drives you to actually work in the industry and be able to share.”

Today, we interview Tuan Lee, Founder of Vervet. Vervet is a Los Angeles-based woman & minority-owned cocktail company that’s dedicated to making clean draft drinks from the best products and flavors California offers. They use plant-based preservatives, no lab-made flavors, real ingredients, and BPA lining free can, makes what Vervet makes better for you.

We discuss:

* Why he’s grateful for his immigrant parents and their courage
* Overview and origin of Vervet
* The hospitality background of the founders and why it informs the brand ethos
* A word on the amazing achievements of the Asian American community and tragedies
* Their Bar Napkin origin story
* Why building a brand is a solutions game
* Hospitality style drinks, unique flavors, fresh ingredients no synthetic after taste
* Why they push back against the status quo way
* Making their own bitters and tonics from scratch
* Product review including a “clear Bloody Mary” and sake cocktails
* Advice to Founders
* Why they may be the only brand using plant-based preservatives
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Tuan Lee as we break down the inside story of Vervet on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Vervet, visit: https://drinkvervet.com/

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