In this second part of this Feature, Sunny S. Chadha and Seema Bansal, co-founders of Venus ET Fleur, talk about how to build a new product in a new sector.

They highlight the early struggles for the company and the decisions they had to make. For them, this company is a necessity, so they spent a lot of hard hours working out the details and perfecting their business.

They talk about their 12 days of roses, the first-ever floral advent calendar. This leads the pair to explain that innovation is the heart of this company. As time goes on, there’s no saying what their next steps and product lines will be.

They explain the importance of communication with customers. They urge entrepreneurs to be on the same page as their customers and use the right language and tone.

In part 2, we hear about the struggles of their brand, how much work went into each detail, and their constant innovation.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Seema and Sunny for The Story of a Brand, and listen to them share the inside story.

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