Dan says, “If I weren’t the co-founder of this company, I would be a customer because… we make products that cater to people just like me and we try to convey through the ethos of our brand the messaging that life could be lived on your own terms.  And that makes it easy to relate to our customers and have thoughtful and effective marketing that appeals to them. I sometimes feel like when we’re writing ads, we’re writing them for me.”

Today, we interview Dan Demsky, Co-founder & CEO of Unbound Merino. Unbound Merino is stylish, simple Merino wool apparel that can be worn for weeks or even months without ever needing to be washed. That means you can ditch the enormous suitcase, because all you’ll need is your carry-on. We’ve created travel essentials that will bring out the true minimalist in you.

We discussed:

* What he’s grateful for
* Traveling, doing the interview from Mexico
* His thoughts, as CEO, on remote work and productivity
* How the pandemic and lack of travel impacted the brand and what they did about it
* How the pandemic made them savvier, stronger, more profitable
* The best places to manufacture outside of China (why China is no longer the least expensive)
* Why having investors is like having a boss (and why they don’t have any)
* The simplicity of e-commerce model and why it suits them
* Their brand ethos: life can be lived on your own terms
* Introducing a line for Women
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Dan Demsky as we break down the inside story of Unbound Merino on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Unbound Merino, visit: https://unboundmerino.com/

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