In today’s episode of The Story of a Brand, we sit back down with Dan Demsky, co-founder of Unbound Merino. Unbound Merino is a high-performance appeal brand that utilizes premium merino wool material.

In the previous episode, we talked about the pros of wearing merino wool; lightweight regulates your temperature and never wrinkles.

In this episode, we delve into Dan’s journey into building the brand and creating Unbound Merino. Not only do we hear about his inspiration leading him to the idea, but we get an insight into what it took to keep the dream live.

As Dan recalls, “it made sense to me… I need these people to support me. I need this momentum. So what else would I be doing? … I could have played video games, read comic books, I could have got a 12 pack of beer, ate some pizza, and watched Netflix. No, I wanted to make this thing work. So you do the work.”

Listen in as Ramon Vela, and Dan Demsky discuss what it means to keep up that entrepreneurial momentum on The Story of a Brand.

In part 1, Dan discusses Unbound Merino’s marketing strategy; The upsides of crowdfunding; Reaching out to everyone you know to build momentum; Creating the perfect campaign; COVID Impacts on a travel apparel brand; Delving into the different products; and much more.

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