As Cody and Julian say, “The oral microbiome is the second largest in the body and it’s all about the balance of good and bad bacteria. It’s about a homeostatic environment. And the reason for that is that the mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body.”

In today’s episode, we interview Cody Levine and Julian Levine, Co-Founders of Twice. TWICE is a holistic oral health system that combines cutting-edge science and clean ingredients for better mouth body balance.

We discussed numerous topics, all of which are fascinating:

* Gratefulness for a dental mission that propelled their lives in a new direction
* Why the smile is so powerful
* How their mission came before the products
* How does Twice help the oral microbiome, explanation
* Advice for entrepreneurs
* How Lenny Kravitz works with the brand
* Do the products individually or as a system or platform
* The future and how Twice is bringing the next frontier of holistic health and wellness

Join Ramon Vela and Cody Levine and Julian Levine, Co-Founders of Twice as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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