“Rigidity is the enemy of creativity,” tells Owen. In part 2, Owen Grover, CEO of TrueFire Studios, mentions the essential differences between their YouTube presence and their education platforms.

TrueFire Studio’s educators are introduced through word of mouth or referral. They have a team dedicated to artist relations as well. According to Owen, the key to TrueFire’s success is showing up every day, doing right by artists, doing right by students, and having a passion for helping.

He discusses:

* Artist work landing pages
* YouTube solution
* Brand constellation strategy
* Sense of sweet spot
* How musicians can start working
* Who’s potentially a good teacher
* Marketing activities

Join Ramon Vela and Owen Grover as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on TrueFire Studios, visit: https://www.truefirestudios.com/brands 

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