“Sticking to what you really want to stand for,” Nelson and Bem say. In part 2, Nelson Warley and Ben Knepler, Co-Founders of True Places, mentioned that the opportunity to build something around the pandemic environment was meaningful to them.

The thought of regretting not following their dreams triggered both of them. They spent time talking to people and gathering feedback on product ideas as they were developing their products. Their products, such as folding chairs, are comfortable and portable, unlike traditional chairs.

They never intended to solely be a chair company from the start but plan on a wide range of products. Nelson and Ben want to upgrade a lot of other products in the future.

Here they talked about:

* Why they chose their startup idea
* Designing your life
* True Places products
* What’s coming next
* Their advice for others

Join Ramon Vela, Nelson Warley, and Ben Knepler as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on True Places, visit: https://trueplaces.com/

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