Ryan says, “Care more about humans. And as much as you think, you care. It’s not even close to where you should be. That’s what I would say. I think everyone needs to take a very long look at what they’re in business for. If you’re in business for profits and cash, then you’ll never gonna realize the profits and cash that you actually want, because you’re just gonna be thinking about yourself.”

Today, we interview Ryan Bartlett, Co-Founder & CEO of True Classic. At True Classic they get it, everybody makes shirts, but not every body is shaped the same. That’s where True Classic comes in. True Classic makes everyday essentials for every type of person. Premium high-quality basics with no gimmicks.

We discussed:

* What’s he grateful for
* How his health concerns changed his life
* Asking himself is he raising good humans (about his kids)
* Overview and origin of True Classic
* Why entrepreneurs need to get used to failing
* Think about how you are serving and adding value to the customer
* Why, when starting out in business, don’t spend a lot of money
* How analysis can cause paralysis
* A dark time in the business
* Why forecasting is the number one most important thing in business
* Advice for other founders
* Dealing with family life, your spouse or partner when you’re an entrepreneur
* Their upcoming line of women’s clothing
* Why their clothing gives their customers confidence

Join Ramon Vela and Ryan Bartlett as we break down the inside story of True Classic on The Story of a Brand.

For more on True Classic, visit: https://www.trueclassictees.com/

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