Making the best bag possible is the most thoughtful way to make a bag last a long time, says Abel Samet, co-founder of Troubadour, a brand that makes sustainable bags and accessories that work professionally.

“We provide repairs for life on all of our products,” Abel says. “I think a big part of sustainability is making sure we’re as a society buying products, creating products that last for a long time to minimize what is getting thrown out every day, every month, every year.”

The focus on sustainability is part of the company ethos and culture, Abel says, whether it’s in the design group, customer service, or operations.

“People joining our team are really talented,” he says. “They want to be here. They’re excited about the mission and what we’re doing together.”

That strategy goes to the investor level, too, Abel says.

“I think the investor for us understands building a brand, making great products,” he says. “Many of our investors are entrepreneurs themselves, and they understand we are playing the long game, and I’d rather make less margin and have a customer who is super delighted with that product.”

Troubadour sold its first bag in 2013, and the resulting years have provided Abel with some words of wisdom for entrepreneurs in the same shoes.

“Be true to yourself and your journey,” he says. “You need to decide what’s important, and you are welcome to pick a different path from what we’ve picked. I think we tried to be true to ourselves in creating bags that are great for our customers and are great for the planet, and we don’t need to compromise on either front.”

In Part 2, Abel talks about:

* How a long-lasting design helps sustainability.
* The company’s ethos and culture.
* How the team was built.
* The brand’s investors and their attitude toward the long game.
* The brand’s original start with leather bags and how it evolved into their current products.
* Advice for fellow entrepreneurs.
* A rundown of Troubadour’s bags.

Join Ramon Vela and Abel Samet as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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