Sustainability is a goal many companies covet, but it’s difficult and pricey. Treet‘s goal is to help brands be more sustainable and circular and increase customer lifetime value, and loyalty through resale, says co-founder and CEO Jake Disraeli.

“We take on the burden of support and logistics and shipping and things like that so the brands can focus on what they do and have a path to be more sustainable through resale,” Jake says.

Interestingly, Jake majored in entrepreneurship in college and initially planned to join a large consulting firm upon graduation rather than create a new business.

“I was young and inexperienced and (thought) my chances of succeeding as an entrepreneur would be reduced if I didn’t have any more real-world experience,” Jake says. A college professor talked him into staying at the college to head up the school’s entrepreneurship program.

“That was the first decision where I prioritized my happiness and what I wanted to do with my life over my immediate financial income,” he says. He says the experience taught him a good lesson.

“I think that what I would recommend is carefully making decisions based on what you think the greater good is long term and what’s going to open up the most doors for you later on, whether that’s going immediately into entrepreneurship or whether it is taking a job at a company that you can hone in your skill sets and do entrepreneurship afterward,” he says.

At Treet, Jake says the company’s goal is to find a way to make sustainability work and access new customers, boost revenue and increase loyalty.

“We’re like the beneficiaries of this new conscious consumerism movement and resale where these customers want brands to be more sustainable, but it’s tough to do overnight,” Jake says. “And so with Treat, they can do it overnight or at least one component of it. We’re cautious about saying that resale does not make you a, quote, sustainable brand, but it does help, and it makes you more sustainable.”

He says that makes Treet a player in the “extension of life” business.

In Part 1, Jake talks about:

* Gratitude for a college professor who encouraged him to stay at the school and head up its entrepreneurship program.
* Lessons learned when making career decisions.
* The economics and side benefits of sustainability.
* The company’s first few launches.

Join Ramon Vela and Jake Disraeli as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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