Every order is made from green to brown; that’s why customers get the best at Trade Coffee. In the second half of this feature, Mike Lackman, CEO of Trade Coffee, mentions that striving to understand the customer’s needs, speaking authentically, and creating a sustainable experience have been challenging for them but worth it to earn the customer’s trust.

According to Mike, the brand tries to make a difference by delivering hyper-fresh coffee to each buyer. To make this happen, consumers are asked basic questions in a quiz format that makes recommendations based on their answers.

In part 2, Mike discusses:

* The challenges
* How their website works
* Digital trust-building
* Free shipping for subscribers
* Point of alignment for consumers
* An absolutely exceptional experience for customers
* Their cold brew program

Join Ramon Vela and Mike Lackman as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Trade Coffee, visit: https://www.drinktrade.com/

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