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At one point in the early days, Co-Founders, Patrick Tannous and Dan Klein, of Tiesta Tea, had no money for rent. They had a house that doubled as a place to live as well as the company headquarters. So they had no choice. They went out door-to-door to sell tea. They “HAD” to make $900 just to pay rent, let alone pay themselves. They ended up making rent, albeit a little late, but it was those types of experiences that honed their entrepreneurial skills and helped make Tiesta Tea what it is today.
In Part 1 of this feature, Patrick and Dan discuss How they made tea more approachable, How their brand is based on the health benefits of tea, The secret of tea’s success: it is the first plant-based beverage, Why lots of innovative beverage brand don’t last, The two primary drivers in beverages, Why they couldn’t imagine starting the business without a co-founder, What were the main issues in the early days and much, much more.
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Patrick and Dan in Part 1 of this episode and hear her share the inside story of a brand.
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