Kelley says, “I was just astounded. What guy is educated enough about skincare to understand what these products are? There’s nobody that I know in America that is in my sphere of friends or business people that would understand any of this, and I sure didn’t. But big cosmetic companies really thought that they could market skincare to men how they market for women. And it just didn’t work out very well. That’s why Tiege has been so successful. Our tagline is Uncomplicated Skincare for men.”

Today, we interview Kelley Thornton, Founder & CEO of Tiege Hanley, Inc. Tiege Hanley is an uncomplicated skin care company for men, with the sole mission of taking out the guesswork by giving you every product you need and nothing you don’t. The products are not only high quality but are affordable as well.

We discussed:

* What he’s grateful for
* The difficulties of building a business and lessons learned: Purchase Point story
* What is entrepreneurship PTSD?
* How he’s applied previous lessons learned to Tiege
* Building a voice in the market
* Spotting cultural changes to find a market opportunity
* Break down of ingredients and COGS
* Why they produce their own products and why it’s a competitive advantage
* How their recycling efforts cost them more money but worth it
* What the future holds for Tiege, including TV spots
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Kelley Thornton as we break down the inside story of Tiege Hanley, Inc. on The Story of a Brand.

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