“Progress, not perfection” is Hector’s mantra which suggests that there will always be mistakes you can learn from. In part 2, Hector Saldivar, Founder and CEO of Tia Lupita Foods, mentions that if you have a solution to a problem, then you should go for it.

In the beginning, Hector had many challenges starting the brand, but his biggest challenge was getting his mom’s blessing to use her much-sought-after recipe for hot sauce. He also found difficulty in finding the right co-packer for products.

He also discusses their other line of products, such as tortilla chips. As he mentions in the interview, you must keep on evolving, pivoting, and learning. Sustainability and helping to reduce carbon footprint is a big deal to the brand. According to him, they want to continue innovating in various ways, such as using “upcycling” to help consumers and the planet.

He talks about:

* Biggest challenges
* Lessons learned
* Their products
* Tortilla chips
* What’s next

Join Ramon Vela and Hector Saldivar as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Tia Lupita Foods, visit: https://tialupitafoods.com/

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