“A better-for-you cereal brand,” that’s the essence of Three Wishes. Today we have Margaret Wishingrad, Founder and CEO of Three Wishes, a brand that creates low sugar, grain-free, and high protein cereal using minimal clean ingredients.

It all started when they had their son and discovered that “most cereal is just dessert masquerading as breakfast.” Since Margaret and her husband had experience building an ad agency, they asked themselves, “why not make our own.” The rest is history.

She says that parenting helps in business because, in both cases, you have to multitask. Parenting also helps with problem-solving, that’s useful for entrepreneurs as well.

In the first half, Margaret talks about:

* Gratefulness towards her husband
* What it’s like to raise a child
* How was her journey
* Story of the ‘Three Wishes’ name
* What is grain-free

Join Ramon Vela and Margaret Wishingrad as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Three Wishes, visit:https://threewishescereal.com/

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