The best taste-testers are kids, says Julie Butcher, Founder and Owner of The Vegan Knife, because they’re honest about what they like and dislike. When she won kids over with her recipes, Julie knew she was on the right track.

Bakeries began using The Vegan Knife’s mixes and repacking them under their name, but Julie says she didn’t mind. On the contrary, she was happy more people were enjoying the treats. Plus, it helped diversity the business.

Julie says she hopes her products change people’s lives for the better by allowing them to enjoy treats they couldn’t previously eat.

In Part 2, Julie talks about:

* How test-tasting at farmer’s markets and grocery stores helped product development.
* Her expansion from DTC to retail helped the company survive the COVID pandemic.
* When bakeries began using the company’s product under their name
* Dealing with commercial bakeries was a challenge because of their professional equipment.
* Diversification into the B2B side was an accident.
* How her teenage son and his friends unknowingly became taste-testers.
* Her company’s inclusion in Forbes list of top entrepreneurs.
* The importance of believing in yourself and your product. It’s not a cliche.
* Be very insistent on looking at your product run and improving it.
* Future plans, including a pancake mix and a chocolate donut recipe.

Join Ramon Vela and Julie Butcher as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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