The Tasting Alliance competitions are considered the most influential for a reason. They have elevated the reputation of thousands of brands, and represent the ultimate curator for the world’s best wine and spirits. Receiving a medal from the organization is a critical next step for any producer to earn recognition in the industry.

Today, we interview Amanda Blue, President & COO of The Tasting Alliance. The Tasting Alliance is the ultimate resource for the best in wine and spirits. Hundreds of their judges have spent hours evaluating every product on their site so you don’t have to.

We discussed:

* What she’s grateful for
* How her father was an editor at Bon Appétit Magazine
* Overview and origin of The Tasting Alliance
* How The Tasting Alliance Process works and why it’s the Oscars of the Booze industry
* Why young brands can see an increase in sales by 10x when winning an award
* The events including San Francisco World Spirits Competition
* What consumers will find at the Top Shelf gala, including masterclasses
* Adding new categories including ready to drink, no & low alcohol and more
* The benefits for a brand beyond winning awards
* And so much more…

Join Ramon Vela and Amanda Blue as we break down the inside story of The Tasting Alliance on The Story of a Brand.

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