Lauren says, “Me teaching you a healthy meal is not gonna save you. A diet by itself can’t save you. You have to understand how to fuel your body, manage your stress, really understand how to cope with life as it happens. You can’t talk about nutrition and you can’t talk about even entrepreneurship without talking about mindset.”

Today, we interview Lauren Hubert, Registered Dietician, Founder, and CEO of The Sorority Nutritionist.

We discuss:

* What she’s grateful for
* An overview and origin of the brand
* Her philosophy around diet, including food first, exercise second, habits, and dealing with stress. Why your mindset is so important and why being hard on yourself is the biggest challenge.
* Why your eating habits are a hot mess
* Her Hot and Healthy Method explained
* Advice to entrepreneurs such as you need to be “relentlessly” yourself
* What type of foods should you eat
* What fast-food places are good place to eat to stay on your diet
* Why we make weight-loss emotional
* Who she works with and why

Join Ramon Vela and Lauren Hubert as we break down the inside story of The Sorority Nutritionist on The Story of a Brand.

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