“The best investment that you can make is on yourself,” says Fotini Copeland, author, fashion designer, style strategies, personal brand enhancement consultant.

Fotini dresses people to enhance who they are. She understands and listens to her clients. She assesses the current wardrobe before working on it. She focuses on a capsule collection and builds from there. They restore, refresh and renew instead of changing the client’s identity.

She points out that her strength is her relationship with the audience and being in front of them.

In part 2, she discusses:

* The most important thing about dressing people
* How she enhances who you are
* Why visual representation is more than just the garment
* How demeanor and visual representation is a pathway to your success
* Is it difficult for people to change or step out of the box
* How she builds wardrobes
* Five things you can do now to enhance your image

Join Ramon Vela and Fotini Copeland as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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