In today’s world, we have grown accustomed to asking where our food comes from and is it sustainably sourced but why not with flowers? This is something that John Tabis, CEO of The Bouqs Company is trying to change. The way John sees it, if the Bouqs model works, all ships will rise.  It’s the reason why Bouqs pays their farmers 25% more than competitors. They’ve come to realize that their customers care about the environment and the dignity of human life around the world, and so they will pay a little more for a better, fresher product if it is sustainably sourced and if the farmers follow the right labor practices.

Of course, having this model is more difficult than what is the norm in the Floral Industry, so John gives us an MBA-like discussion on starting a company, raising capital, dealing with rejection, the difficulty of living life as a founder, and making the transition from founder to CEO and more.

Listen to this episode and hear John Tabis, CEO & Founder of The Bouqs Company share the inside story of building a brand.

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