Whether it’s celebrating a day in the sun or enjoying a drink by the fire, add to any experience with a glass of Ten to One Rum.

As Marc mentions, Ten to One Rum is an “elevated brand not exclusive.” With Ten to One Rum, “there aren’t velvet ropes around the brand,” making it the perfect drink for any occasion.

In the first part of this Feature, we sit down with Marc Farrell, CEO and Founder of Ten to One Rum. After starting his first business in the 2000s, Marc learned the importance of learning from first-time failures. Hard work is a big part of creating the brand, but so is timing and perseverance. It’s the vision, and the passion to keep going that helped make his company a successful up and coming brand in the premium spirit space.

Listen in today to hear Ramon Vela and Marc discuss how and why Ten to One Rum was created.

In part 1, Marc discusses His Mentor experience; The 100 ft overview of Ten to One; Marc’s journey through Harvard Business school; The importance of learning from first time failure; When starting a business, timing matters; Building trust in your team; The inspiration for creating Ten to One; and much more.

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For more on Ten to One Rum, visit: https://www.tentoonerum.com/

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