Growing up in the Caribbean, Marc was surrounded by a beautiful culture. As he mentions in the episode, “remember when we thought this whole thing was like pirates on plantations and the kitschy, kitschy bullshit or whatever. Now, all of a sudden, we have this more progressive, more celebratory, more authentic view of what it’s meant to be.”

That’s what Ten to One Rum ultimately is. As their site says, “it’s rum reimagined,” but it’s also a culture reimagined. It’s an opportunity to indulge in a premium beverage and appreciate the real Caribbean and not the one you see in the movies.

Marc’s vision “builds bridges to consumers” in all categories, “one that leverages the beauty of the broader Caribbean” and has it “unfold into the final product.” Drinking Ten to One isn’t just enjoying a quality drink, but it’s a reflection on Marc’s passion for rum and his home.

Tune in and listen to Ramon Vela and Marc Farell, Founder & CEO of Ten to One Rum, discuss the beauty of Caribbean rum.

In part 1, Marc discusses Perfecting the rum recipe; Elevated but not exclusive; Breaking down the Three Core Mixers of Ten to One; Impacts of the pandemic on the company and switching to e-commerce; Keeping advertisements authentic; Delving into the different kinds of Ten to One rums; Where to reach and buy Ten to One; and much more.

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