“Seamless, easy, breezy, and experiential at the same time” – that’s what products from Tea Drops strive to be. In the second half of this Feature, Sashee Chandran, Founder, and CEO of Tea Drops share the sacrifices she’s made to be a DTC brand founder.

She shares her experience while making the product and her motive for creating a fun, universal, and accessible tea. There was a lot of instability at the start of the business. But according to Sashee, high-risk tolerance can be exciting for entrepreneurs. Also, her parents understood and supported her when she gave up her job at eBay for Tea Drops.

In part 2, we discussed:

*Importance of family and relationships in life;

*How the product is made and works;

*What was her parent’s reaction towards Tea Drops and their favorite products;

*When she felt it was a “real” business;

*What are their major products; New launches of the brand; and so much more.


Join Ramon Vela and Sashee Chandran as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand. For more on Tea Drops, visit: https://www.myteadrop.com/

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