The daily face washing routine – either using washcloths, facial wipes, or cotton balls – has become a “straight-up environmental disaster,” says Amanda McIntosh, founder of Take My Face Off. So she decided to find a product that does it better.

“I actually don’t like to guilt people into using my products. I like my people to use my products because they’re delightful, and they’re just better,” Amanda says. “But there’s something I’d like to tell people. There’s a golden rule of being green. It’s so complicated, and it changes so fast, but one thing is true any time you can use something multiple times instead of using a disposable, that is always better.”

Developing the Take My Face Off product was another challenge because fabric manufacturers couldn’t understand Amanda’s needs. In the end, it would take experimenting with hundreds of fabric samples, sizes, and shapes to find the right solution.

In Part 1, Amanda talks about:

* Gratefulness for the support from her husband.
* How her background in performing led her to explore the facial cleaning product space.
* Why facial wipes – even those labeled eco-friendly – are a big problem.
* Why disposable products aren’t green.
* The beauty space is challenging for a green product – it’s a crowded space, and people are very loyal to their products.
* Why cotton balls are suitable for absorption but not for cleaning.* In developing her product, she bought hundreds of “weird fabrics” to put through the tests.

Join Ramon Vela and Amanda McIntosh as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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