Daniel says, “We mainly support e-commerce and fast growing SaaS clients in North America. We provide their customer support, technical support, back office support, and whatever support they need and that they could outsource that eats up their time. That’s what we help them with.”

Today, we interview Daniel Viduya, Head of Growth at SupportZebra. SupportZebra implements custom BPO SaaS E-commerce outsourcing solutions so you spend less time on tech support tickets.

We discuss:

* What he is grateful for
* Overview of SupportZebra
* 3 Trends driving outsourced customer support
* Why brands don’t have KPIs set up?
* KPIs consumer brands should track
* Things hampering growth
* How to get over the hurdle of outsourcing (if you are reluctant)
* Factors for choosing an outsource partner
* Example of customer service success
* How they act as a consultant as well
* Why they see themselves as part of your team
* Bottom-line: it’s about bandwidth, expertise, growth, and scalability
* The secret sauce revealed
* Get free advice and no pitching and more…

Join Ramon Vela and Daniel Viduya as we break down the inside story of SupportZebra on The Story of a Brand.

For more on SupportZebra, visit: https://supportzebra.com/

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