Marc says, “what we’re doing at Super Gut is creating functional foods that nourish not just you and your body but that literally nourish your gut. We packed them with specific nutrients that we refer to as resistance starch. It has prebiotic fiber, which means it is very effective at feeding those microbes in your gut that keep us healthy.”

Today, we interview Marc Washington, Founder and CEO of Supergut. Supergut is a clinically validated, delicious real-food product brand including shakes, snack bars, and more, that balance the gut microbiome to improve quality of life.

We discuss:

* What he’s grateful for
* Being asked to be the CEO of a 4.5 billion company
* Overview of Supergut
* Developing the itch to be a founder
* His sister and inspiration for the brand
* The state of the union for the gut microbiome
* Impact on the overall health related to the gut
* Scientifically proven connection to physical and mental health
* Why the gut is like the second brain
* An overview of the products
* Why it’s a personal goal to help communities of color get healthy

Join Ramon Vela and Marc Washington as we break down the inside story of Supergut on The Story of a Brand.

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