Emily says, “it blew my mind. So my brain started to integrate all of these things. I could still do the skin treatments, but not with the tools that most people know. I’m an alternative to Botox surgery, lasers and invasive procedures because I know that there are many roads to Rome. There are different ways to arrive at a solution.”

Today, we interview Emily Fritchey, Founder & CEO of Sunshine Botanicals. Sunshine Botanicals believes in clinical skincare from a botanical perspective. They create effective, transformative products sourced straight from Mother Nature.

We discuss:

* What she’s grateful for
* Why, foremost, the Sunshine story is a love story
* Why her approach is an alternative to evasive procedures
* How she works with cancer patients (and discusses her own skin cancer)
* Advice for dealing with skin issues and where they should begin
* What is wild crafting and why she uses this ancient art form
* Simple things men can do to take of their skin
* And so much more…

Join Ramon Vela and Emily Fritchey as we break down the inside story of Sunshine Botanicals on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Sunshine Botanicals, visit: https://www.sunshinebotanicals.com/

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