“The way we look at what we drink socially in alcohol has changed significantly. We’re at that turning point.”

Arthur Gallego, Co-founder, and CEO of SunDaze, sees the social drinking scene changing. So he decided to give the people what they want: more functionality in their drinks.

Along with Juan Diego Cordón Toledano, Co-founder and the brains behind formulating the fermentation process of SunDaze beverages – they made a new smooth beverage that helps you relax and enjoy your social outing.

In the first part of the Feature, we discuss:

* What drove Arthur to go from consulting to being a brand owner
* How social drinking is changing and How SunDaze is a part of it
* How the pandemic became a blessing
* How the pandemic changed the work culture
* Explanation of how the fermentation process works
* The future of SunDaze
* How SunDaze combines alcohol and juice smoothly

Join Ramon Vela and Arthur Gallego as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on SunDaze, visit: https://www.drinksundaze.com/

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