Gold foil, a magnetic flip box, and beautifully crafted designs. It might sound like a collector’s deck of superhero souvenirs, but it’s 101 cards with prompts to plan, manage and grow a business, says John Uke, Creator, and Founder of Success Cards.

“All of them have different unique illustrations relevant to different lenses through which you can analyze your business,” John says.

He says that one critical limiting factor to growing a business is the ability to ask the right questions. The best-known thinkers – philosophers, professors, and coaches – spend most of their time asking questions.

“I’ve just spent hours on every card compiling the best questions relevant to so many facets of business that you might not even comprehend or think to look at, and that questions within those facets that you might not ask yourself,” John says.

Growing a brand as an entrepreneur is second nature to John, who grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. His undergraduate work in college was also focused on entrepreneurship. After school, at a coding boot camp, he came across a deck of cards called “The Art of Game Design: A Deck of Lenses.” He was hooked and realized the need for a business-oriented set of cards.

“I’ve done a lot of different things in my life, but I think this is the best idea I’ve ever had, and it’s not so complicated,” he says. “It’s just taking something that existed for gaming and being like, Why doesn’t this exist for business?”

One of the challenges of creating the deck is ending the process at 101 items.

“At first, it was challenging getting up to 101, and then it was challenging reducing it to 101, where it has a painful process to decide what are we cutting out and what order do we put all these things in?” John says.

In Part 1, John talks about:

* Gratitude for the freedom he enjoys, something that’s come into greater focus with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
* A 100-foot overview of his brand.
* His background in entrepreneurship.
* How a game design card deck caught his attention.
* A look at some of the cards.

Join Ramon Vela and John Uke as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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