Success Cards are so new that right now, the primary marketplace for them is via Etsy, says John Uke, the brand’s Creator and Founder.

“Etsy has a much more esoteric audience,” John says. “I could see this being very big for business gifts. It’s hard to shop for people, and you don’t want to buy somebody’s book because they’re probably not going to take the time to read the whole thing. But this is very beautiful. It’s on your desk. They’ll be reminded of you. It’s very approachable. It’s beneficial, whether you are a new entrepreneur or a veteran.”

John says his original thought was that the cards would benefit those starting a business most. He’s discovered that all levels of entrepreneurs are using them.

The cards were designed during the COVID lockdown, giving John more time to work on the project. Future projects include increasing distortion for the cards. John is also planning a people-matching brand and a tool to work on creating and joining networks.

In Part 2, John talks about:

* Why the cards are selling on Etsy.
* The attraction and similarities to Tarot cards.
* The organization of the card topics.
* Future plans unrelated to Success Cards.
* Plans for increased distribution.
* Mulling over ideas for future decks of cards.

Join Ramon Vela and John Uke as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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