According to Marc Bacher, Founder and CEO, consumers looking for hard floor options will find on Stuga‘s website a curated collection of products free of harsh chemicals and designed to last a lifetime.

Marc says that talking to customers every day is “such a fun part of the journey” for Stuga. That conversation allows for learning on both the homeowner’s and Stuga’s, making it an integral part of their company’s success.

Because Stuga’s market share is still small, the room for growth is tremendous and hasn’t been affected by changes in the housing market, Marc says.

In Part 2, Marc talks about:

* Converting retail customers into online customers.
* With a growing e-commerce model at work, business wasn’t harmed during the COVID pandemic.
* The company’s focus is to deliver solutions that make consumers happy and solve their problems.
* How hard work and dedication to their business model are designed to outlast larger competitors.
* The challenges of supply and logistics.
* Using European solutions as inspiration.

Join Ramon Vela and Marc Bacher as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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