In the second part of this Feature, Jon Shanahan and Devir Kahan, Co-Founders of Stryx, talk about going against people’s advice.
They believe it was important that they carved their own path.

They keep visiting the idea of persistence and how it plays a role in their company.

Jon recounts the hustle he went through first to build a YouTube following and then to build Stryx with Devir. He tells us that it all started as something that he wanted to do for himself.

They detail the different products they sell and the thought behind them. Everything they offer is convenient, easy to use, and made specifically for men. They formulated the products to be ideal for men’s skin, and the packaging is discreet and simple for men to use.

In part 2, we learn about the ideas behind the products, how important persistence is to Stryx, and how the co-founders made their own way through the market.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Jon and Devir on The Story of a Brand Show, and, and listen to them, share the inside story of a brand.
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