Launching a new product is difficult and a path full of obstacles, says Simón Sacal, co-founder and CEO at Solely Inc. That’s why prospective entrepreneurs must have uncompromising and straightforward answers about how this product is needed by consumers.

Mango, one of the most consumed fruits globally, provided Solely with the perfect product to launch through vertical integration. That system involves working with the farmers right through the manufacturers.

Another unique product Solely recently launched is gummies made with just fruit and Vitamin C.

“We’re offering whole, whole product, and people are liking them,” Simón says. “And there’s a need for those types of products in the market, and we’re very excited and very honored to be chosen by people to take home.”

In Part 2, Simón talks about:

* Advice for entrepreneurs considering developing a new product.
* The advantages of vertical integration.
* The need to invent new processes and machinery to accomplish the desired final product.
* Aside from Soley’s fruit products, they also have a dried spaghetti squash pasta that’s shelf-stable.
* Future plans include expanding the current Solely categories. Two completely different new lines are also in the works.
* Why the clean food movement has been aided by the millennial generation, who have more access to information.
* Why the hardest thing to do is make something simple.

Join Ramon Vela and Simón Sacal as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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