Food is very indulgent, but it can also be bright and made with clean ingredients, says Simón Sacal, Co-Founder and CEO at Solely Inc. It should also be fairly priced, he adds.

One of the company’s first products was a fruit jerky, which was a completely different product at the time. It immediately grabbed the attention of Whole Foods 365.

The idea for a sustainable fruit product came out of their supply chain logistical challenges in Mexico.

“It’s impossible to create an entirely different product without a completely different process, and it’s impossible to have a completely different process unless you make it or have someone that can make the machines,” Simón says.

In Part 1, Simón talks about:

* The early support the brand got from Whole Foods 365.
* His company’s history with food technology and the resulting products.
* Solely’s lunchbox program in Latin America provides healthy and affordable fruits for children.
* The unique challenges of launching a new food product in Mexico.
* How it’s difficult to grow fast without considerable expenses.

Join Ramon Vela and Simón Sacal as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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