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In Part 2 of this feature Staci Brinkman, Founder & CEO of Sips by continues to share with us the inside story of building her brand.
Staci shares with us the following: How her brand positions itself today vs. when they just started, How she builds and maintains the relationship with her customers via social media, Why people discover more than great Teas through her platform but great brands as well, How she funded her startup at the beginning and her recent angel investment, How she packed the first 100,000 “Sips by” boxes in her living room, How their focus is growth and what they are doing to achieve it, What entrepreneurial lesson she learned that she wasn’t expecting, Why she didn’t think she would get married, and how she and her husband deal with working together as a married couple and much more.
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Staci in Part 2 of this episode.
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