“All-natural, clean labeled health-supporting fun little treats,” that’s what you’ll get at Shameless Pets.

In the first half of this Feature, we have Alex Waite, Co-Founder of Shameless Pets, a brand that uses a sustainable solution called upcycling that rescues and transforms misfits and surplus food into high-quality treats for your pets.

Alex went to school for human nutrition and food science. She had experience with the R & D department too. She became excited about the ideas and potential related to upcycling and wanted to be part of it.

Besides making delicious treats for your pets, this brand focuses on the consumer experience and environment.

We discussed:

* The support she got from others
* Overview of Shameless Pets
* The ingredients used in making their product
* How food waste needs to be better utilized, managed
* Why the Consumer has power (to help the environment)
* Where she got the idea for this brand
* Her background and entrepreneurship
* How she started with nutrition composition
* Unexpected experiences and more…

Join Ramon Vela and Alex Waite as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Shameless Pets, visit https://shamelesspets.com/.

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