“Try to hold on to as much equity in the business,” says Alex Waite, Co-Founder of Shameless Pets, as she talks about ways through which a network, friends, and expertise can help in handling the potholes on the road to business success.

She mentions that many people liked their products more for their taste and nutritional properties than for the upcycling solution. They have everyday treats, soft biscuits, gentle treats, jerky, and eight different flavors for some of the products.

In the second half, she talked about:

* What is her advice to handle business challenges
* Gratefulness for another co-founder
* Take care of yourself along with your business
* How online sales helped during the pandemic
* What kind of feedback they receive
* What sorts of products are available
* Can pets go plant-based?
* How the brand changed because of the pandemic

Join Ramon Vela and Alex Waite as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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