Along with co-founder Mark Zheng, Ray Li is out to “mainstream custom clothing” with their brand Sene.

Sene stems from Ray’s passion for eliminating the misguided notion of the “ideal body” and creating clothes that fit anybody.

It produces an accessible alternative for those who strive to get custom-fitted suits or jeans at a reasonable price.

As Ray mentions in the episode, “our mission is to empower people of all shapes and sizes to feel their best.”

Although the idea seems full proof, increasing its growth was a challenge, as Ray recalls.

Listen to today’s episode of The Story of a Brand as Ramon Vela interviews Ray, and they discuss overcoming those challenges, especially as a new company, to break old traditions.

In part 1, Ray discusses the following: Ray’s mentor experience, Sene and what it is; Expressing the brand mission; Creating accessible custom clothing; Breaking boundaries in mainstream fashion; The first attempt in creating Sene; Adapting the brand to COVID complications; and much more.

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