Saral is an influencer marketing tool that can find any influencer’s email as long as they’re on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, says Yash Chavan, Founder of Saral. It’s designed to help emerging DTC brands build profitable influencer marketing campaigns while avoiding losing money on traditional social media campaigns.

Before founding Saral, Yash worked as a growth consultant guiding product-oriented brands. As part of that work, he also found success in helping execute influencer marketing programs.

“I’m a marketer at heart, so I want to help other marketers and founders who want to do marketing and make influencer marketing easier for them,” he says.

Truth be told, Yash says he’s not comfortable with the term “influencer.”

“If I become dictator, I’ll just remove the word influencer from everybody’s dictionaries because I hate the word influencer,” he says. “It has a connotation of the kind of person who is just famous on Instagram for posting hollow content or something like that.”

Yash prefers the terms “creator” and “ambassador” because it better describes the action of creating content focused on a brand.

He says that keeping track of creators is a tough chore, and existing tools in the market are expensive. Plus, the current tools privatized transactions over relationships.

“Saral is right now the only tool on the market that puts the relationship front and center as opposed to the transaction of it,” Yash says. “I like to call it relationship-focused influencer marketing, where you look at the creator as a person first and not just like a one-time salesperson.”

Yash insists that small brands can do influencer marketing similar to more prominent brands. It’s an essential tool because traditional practices – like Facebook ads – no longer have the same impact.

“(If) Facebook was working as well as it was in 2016, 2017, then we won’t be having this conversation,” he says. “But I think because these bad ads and cheap clicks are now no longer cheap, people have to look at these other, more organic, more human forms of marketing. And that is why influencer marketing is shining.”

In Part 1, Yash talks about:

* Gratitude to the Internet for providing him access and opportunities from his home in Mumbai, India.
* An overview of the Saral influencer marketing tool.
* His background as a growth consultant.
* The difference between an influencer and an ambassador.
* Why the need for a tool like Saral.
* The downfall of Facebook ads.

Join Ramon Vela and Yash Chavan as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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